Rush Cycle – Indoor Cycling Denver, CO – Highlands

Are you ready to get your heart rate pumping, sweat dripping and fat burning? Join us for a ride at Rush Cycle in Denver, CO. Our indoor cycling studio is located off of W. 38th Avenue, in the Highlands Shopping Center. Everyone is welcome to come cycle!

These classes cater to all abilities, no experience on a stationary bike needed, just a willingness to get a good workout in! Whether you are an athlete with a competitive passion, or a beginner looking to squeeze a workout into your busy schedule, we have got you covered. Our highly-trained, energetic instructors will help you meet your personal fitness goals and have you feeling your best.

Our vision is to create positive change in the community by growing a supportive family of staff and riders. Your unique goals are our motivation to push on through and have a great ride! Together we will have some fun, burn some calories, and crush your goals!

The Rush Ride is a dynamic 45-minute epic time and a full-body workout. The combination of push-and-pull pedaling, riding up hills and through valleys will have you pushing your limits and your heart rate to the max. Each class is fully customizable; the energy you put in and tension applied for strength training is all under your control. Break a sweat as you ride to the beat of the music!

Join us for your next ride at Rush Cycle today!

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