Where do I begin?
Create an account online so that you can reserve your favorite bike in advance from your mobile device or computer.

First Time at Rush
Please be sure to show up 20 minutes before class begins so that we can check you in, get you into a pair of cycle shoes, and set up your bike. You will be introduced to your instructor so that you can find out exactly what to expect from class.

We recommend that new riders sit towards the back of the room so that you can get a feel for our class structure and intensity before you turn up the heat and mimic the instructor’s every move.

Our Keiser bikes are compatible with SPD-cleated cycle shoes. You may bring your own or you can rent a pair of ours.

You will love clipping into the pedals with cycle shoes as the push-and-pull pedal stroke motion allows you to tone more muscles and burn more calories.

Be sure to bring a full bottle of water for your ride. If you need to fill up, we have free filtered water for you in the lobby or you can purchase a bottle of water for $2.

What to Wear
Wear your favorite moisture wicking exercise apparel. Know that you will be getting hot and sweaty!


7 Day Rolling Booking Window
You are able to reserve your favorite bike in classes up to 7 days in advance. Every night at midnight, a new 7th day becomes available to reserve.

Late Cancel / No Show
We require a 12 hour notice before making any kind of changes to your schedule. If you are on an Unlimited Package and you cancel/reschedule a class, no show, or fail to initial the “sign-in” sheet in the online scheduler within 12 hours of your scheduled class, we will charge you the Drop In rate of $20. If you are on a Class Package, a class credit will be deducted from your package but you will not be charged the $20. There are no exceptions.

The Waitlist Policy
4 Minutes prior to the start time of a class, we give present riders on the waitlist priority and we let them into class. This allows present riders to get clipped into the bike just in time for class to begin.

The Late Entry Policy
No riders may join a class 5 minutes after class has begun. Please be on time and be respectful of the class mood set by the instructor.

RUSH 101

The Rush Ride
We have developed our own signature ride, the Rush Ride. This music driven ride is a full body workout that is led by our hand selected Instructors who have completed our proprietary instructor training program. When you ride with us, we will pedal as a team in an inspiring atmosphere to routines that our rockstar instructors have expertly synced to the beat of the music. See you on a bike!

Keiser Bike
The Keiser bike is the Ferrari of indoor cycles. The ride is very smooth as a magnet rather than a brake pad regulates the resistance system. Also, the padded seat is significantly more comfortable than other indoor cycles. Lastly, the digital monitor on this bike displays your gear and speed metrics in real time so that you know exactly where you are in class.


  1. Be on Time
    Our staff puts a lot of time and energy into creating a motivating and inspirational atmosphere. Please get clipped into the bike before class starts so that this vibe is not sacrificed.
  2. No Cell Phones or Chit Chat
    Please do not bring your cell phone into the spin room or talk with a friend during class. Distractions will not only affect you, but also your neighbors.
  3. Respect the Community
    Please respect the space and time of your neighbors. Also, treat the front desk staff as you would like to be treated.
  4. Proper Hygiene
    Since we ride close to each other, please practice proper hygiene. Clean your bike of sweat after class, we will take care of the rest.
  5. Leaders of the Pack
    If you are new or plan to do your own thing during class, please do not sit front and center.

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