Rush Cycle – Dix30

Are you looking for a high-intensity workout that will help you burn calories and push your fitness goals to the next level? Join Rush Cycle for a fun and energizing full-body workout. Located in Brossard, Quebec, our cycling studio and fitness center offers spin classes led by top-tier instructors trained to motivate and help you reach your fitness goals.

The Rush Ride cycling classes are challenging and high intensity forty-five minute rides that engage your upper body, lower body, and core through a combination of sitting, standing, and push-and-pull pedaling movements. No matter what your health and fitness goals are, we have you covered with a wide variety of solutions to improve up your strength and cardio conditioning. If you are looking to build up more strength, boost your metabolism, improve your muscle tone, or push your endurance to the next level, our Rush Cycle fitness studio in the Brossard area is committed to helping you achieve your fitness goals through a high intensity cardio workout and exercise training. If you work, live, play, or visit nearby, come experience the indoor cycling classes we offer in our Brossard fitness center.

To start strengthening and toning your body by means of cardio and strength training, join us for one of our group fitness classes taught by professional trainers at our Rush Cycle gym in Brossard, QC. Our friendly instructors and personal trainers for every group fitness spin class are extensively trained to deliver a supportive, energetic classroom environment. Rush Cycle is here to make sure you are having fun while also burning calories, improving your health and wellness, and meeting your goals.

What are you waiting for? Come join us for a great workout in one of our cycling group fitness classes in Brossard. Regardless of your fitness level, hop on a bike and let’s ride!