Frisco, TX



What to expect when coming in for your class:

1. Contactless check-in.

2. Temperature checks at the door. Anything over 100.4 degrees will be considered a fever and turned away. *NOTE* Consider not wearing a hat! It has been shown to cause temperature readings degrees higher*

3. Social Distancing within the studio.

4. Wait in your car until 5 minutes before class.

5. Clients will sign COVID waiver.

6. Clients will agree to clean all of their own equipment.

7. 45 minute minimum between classes so we can deep clean entire studio.

8. UV disinfection cart used between each class.

9. Touchless hand sanitizer stations.

10. Mask to be worn in studio at all times, can be taken off when you enter the spin room.

What's the studio set up like?

There will be 15 bikes total per class and they will be 6 feet away from each other. This is down from our usual 40 bikes.

Does the class schedule look different moving forward?

Yes! Limited class times and limited availability of classes. Need to pre-book through the studio!

Dimmed Lights, Fun Music, Best Instructors

Experience The Rush Ride

The Rush Ride is a 45-minute full body workout that combines the effective cardio burn of indoor cycling with exercises that target your core and arms. Our highly skilled instructors sync the music to the routine so you will have a blast. Get ready to be inspired, ride as a team, and bike to the beat!


Who We Are

We are close-knit team of instructors and studio staff excited to share our passion for Rush Cycle with you! We are here to help you achieve your fitness goals, and we welcome and work with riders of all fitness levels, whether you are an athlete looking for cross-training or starting a fitness program for the first time or after an extended break. We want to make sure you have a great experience at our studio - we will get you checked in at our front desk, help you get set up on a bike in the studio and inspire you through a full-body, high intensity cardio workout! You will walk out feeling energized, accomplished and ready for your next class! We invite you to come see what our "Rush Family" is all about!

The Location

6700 Stonebrook Pkwy. Suite 106 Frisco, TX 75034 (Located next to St. Phillips Episcopal Church) 

What Riders Say

"The atmosphere of The Rush is extremely motivating, which helps make every workout count! The lights are turned off, as you spin, and they have black lights. 

The instructors are knowledgeable and energetic, and make sure you are pushing yourself to your limits. Every spin class makes me feel great. I always feel like going back for more."

- Kathleen

"Indoor cycling is literally the only form of exercise I enjoy. The room is kept dark with blacklights so you never feel like you're being stared at or judged. The instructors are all enthusiastic and motivational. Plus you feel a pack mentality with the other riders when you're all on the same beat and swaying together."

- Jane


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