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Comin’ in hot: New Texas Locations


It may be the dead of winter, but that doesn’t slow Rush Cycle franchisees down one bit. We’re excited to announce that new locations have been awarded in Spring, Texas and Humble, Texas — both within our rapidly-growing Houston market.

2018 went out with a BANG (well, TWO!)


While most people were gearing up for the holidays, we were gearing up for MORE growth. We launched two successful openings in December, both in our hometown of San Diego. Welcome Mission Valley and San Marcos!!

PLUS more to come before the month is out!!


Yep, it’s official. Rush Cycle is spreading like wildfire! Before January is over, you’ll see more locations awarded in El Paso, Texas and in North Carolina. 2019 is off to an amazing start, and we couldn’t do it without the entire Rush family. Thank you for all you do — let’s make this year the BEST ONE YET!!

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