Breaking Ground + New Locations Awarded ?

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? Rider Spotlight ? Meet Mirian of Millbrae, CA


“I expected a good workout, but I didn’t expect it to be this gratifying.”


After joining Rush Millbrae in March of this year, it was clear Mirian had found a calling. She quickly spun her way to her 200th RIDE in just FOUR months! (That’s an average of 50 rides per month, or 12 per WEEK.)

We were so blown away by her commitment, we had to get to know her and her story a little better.

?What made you book your first ride at Rush?

The time for excuses was up. I knew I needed to focus on myself and start somewhere! Rush was it.

? What’s your favorite move on the bike?

Four corners hyped up by some good music always lighten up the work. And getting a little dance in is always fun.

? When you’re not at Rush, what’s your favorite thing to do?

I enjoy cooking and going to the movies.

? What keeps your coming back to Rush?

Rush has been a blessing these past few months. I met amazing people who both motivate and challenge me. I expected a good workout, but I didn’t expect it to be this gratifying.

? Breaking Ground ? 4 new locations come to life


Construction has officially started and we’ve got the dusty cutoff jeans to prove it. All four locations will be ready to open doors in January/February of 2020 – what better way to start the New Year?

? Corvalis, OR  ? Kingwood, TX  ? Bakersfield, CA ? Poway, CA

? Hot Markets ? San Fran feels the burn


Rush Cycle is set for — you guessed it — more expansion! We’ve awarded not one, not two, but FOUR new locations in the San Francisco market for a total of 5 in the San Francisco market. We’re growing to love Northern California just as much as our roots.

? Studio of the Month ? Millbrae celebrates its 1st anniversary!


While the Bay Area is on fire with new locations, it’s also celebrating the successful ramp-up of recently launched ones. Millbrae started strong last year and has rode into their first anniversary with flying colors. We’re excited to see what the next twelve months will look like for this amazing crew!

“Our brand is so fortunate to have owners like Karen operating in our franchise system. She is inspiring, energetic and always looking to improve her studio by paying attention to the details.” says co-founder Corey Spangler.

✅ Franchisee Spotlight ✅ from success to location #2


After quickly growing his first location in El Paso and see quick success, Simon plans the opening of his second location. Keep an eye out for exciting new announcements about the El Paso expansion!


Up next: Continue bringing on exceptional franchise owners, scale fast and smart, and break into the triple digits during 2020!

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