Who are our instructors?

Our instructors overflow with energy and passion. They aspire to create a space for every rider to feel included, motivated, and empowered to be their best.

They are fueled by building relationships, know each rider by name and connect the community because they live to elevate those around them. They are warm, engaging, and smile when you speak. They understand that balance is important and seek adventure in everything that they do.

And they’re fulfilled and successful in everything they do, because they embody these traits both on and off the bike.

Does this sound like you?

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does training cost? Do you offer payment plans?

Access to Rush Cycle’s instructor training program costs $950. This cost includes a free annual unlimited membership at your home studio. If you choose to audition and it is not feasible for you to pay the training fee we may offer payments plans in special circumstances. Bottom line, it costs nothing for you to audition, take the chance and we’ll chat potential payment plans as needed later.

How long is your training program? What is the weekly time commitment?

Our training program in markets outside of headquarters in San Diego is 4 weeks long with weekly commitment of 3 trainings. All training requirements considered you can expect to dedicate approximately 13 hours/week. In training expect to be on the bike, on the mic from day one!

Do I have to audition?

Yes you do! Anyone who wants to participate in our instructor training program must first audition. This might sound scary, but our audition process at Rush Cycle is actually very supportive and positive! Details on auditions will be sent to you once the  studio nearest you is in development and sign ups are open.

How will I know when auditions are being held in my city?

If you fill out a lead form on our website and send it in our Director of Instructors and Training will reach out to as soon as auditions are open for your market. You’ll receive at least 4 weeks advance notice to allow you plenty of time to prepare!

What prior experience is required in order to audition? Do I need any certifications?

No prior experience or certifications are required in order for you to audition. We believe in developing talent, not simply hiring it upfront! If you value fitness, have an understanding of musicality, love people and desire to make a difference, and aren’t afraid to get your hands dirty and work hard you have what it takes to become an instructor at Rush Cycle.